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HTA Courses, Boot Camps and Apprenticeships

All of our courses are for individuals and organizations to gain the latest technical skills for local and global high in demand career opportunities ranging from CyberSecurity to coding and video game development.

Technical Training/Certifications


CyberSecurity is the #1 most in demand job profession in the HISTORY of the United States. To best prepare our students, HTA has partnered with CompTIA as an authorized CompTIA Training Academy. The CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway helps our students achieve cybersecurity mastery, from beginning to end. When you earn cybersecurity certifications, you’re proving to employers that you are the best candidate for the job and have the skills needed to protect the organization from cyberattacks and threats. Start defending yourself or your organization, or let this be your first step to becoming a security professional! 14 to 24 weeks.


CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT and the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles. It is the only industry-recognized credential with performance-based items to prove pros can think on their feet to perform critical IT support tasks in the moment. It is trusted by employers around the world to identify the go-to person in endpoint management & technical support roles. Let HTA train you for this high paying IT career through our IT certifications in just 8 to 16 weeks.


The Database Administrator certification teaches students how to plan and design relational databases. You will learn about the theory behind relational databases, relational database nomenclature, and relational algebra. The course includes sections on Structured Query Language (SQL) and optimizing databases through normalization. You will apply your knowledge with hands-on labs designed to teach the intricacies of database design methodology.


Our Artificial Intelligence Associate certification which provides a broad understanding into the world of AI careers. This certification validates in-depth knowledge of AI (history, definition, methods and algorithms, applications, careers, etc.), privacy concerns, ethical issues in AI, and responsible development; an understanding of the essentials of AI system design, program design structure, problem identification, and solution implementation; and a working knowledge of application deployment, testing, data management (dataset creation, selection and curation). Let HTA train you for this high paying career through AI Bootcamp in just 4 to 8 weeks.


This entry-level CompTIA Data+ certification prepares learners to collect, analyze, and visualize data that helps their company achieve goals and clarify complex business decisions. Companies turn to data analysts to help clarify complex situations or muddy circumstances. That’s a big responsibility for someone to carry, and if you’re not well trained, you could be the reason your organization makes a poor decision. Let HTA train you for this high paying IT career in just <b>12 to 16 weeks</b>.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy + Microsoft Office Certification prepares students to work effectively in today’s business environment. In this course, students will learn about the tasks involved in various Information Technology (IT) job roles, and they will learn the foundational skills and technologies used in business. 

Digital Literacy Education and Certification

We can adapt our classes to each student IT aptitude from beginner to sasoned pro. All of our courses come bundled with basic Digital Literacy education, curiculum and certification. Do not be afraid! HTA's team will start your career in the proper location to get the most out of your learning needs from basics and be ready for any IT Bootcamps or IT certification courses at HTA. No college degree / IT background is needed. All of our courses are open to all with working knowledge of English language.

New Certifications

Python Fundamentals Programming

Python is one of the most prevalent programming languages which is very easy to learn. By the end of the certificate program students will have gained a fundamental understanding of programming in Python by creating a variety of scripts and applications for the Web and for systems development. The certificate program emphasizes best practices such as version control, unit testing and recommended styles and idioms. Become a Python developer in just 8 to 12 weeks through this HTA certification course.

Unity AR/VR Game Developer Certification

Empower creators to tell their stories, share their visions, and validate their skills. Unity is the leading content-creation platform for AR/VR, real-time 3D, and mobile 2D. Unity is used by students and professionals around the world to create everything from games to movies, 3D models to VR simulations. The Unity Certified certification is an entry-level credential that allow individuals to get started in interactive content creation for industries such as gaming, entertainment, automotive, AEC, and XR. Unity Certified User certification helps employers and institutions verify a candidate’s knowledge and skills using Unity technology to succeed in these industries. Whether it’s a desire to create games and apps or build new worlds in AR/VR, Unity Certified User certification is the place to start. 

Digital Entrepreneurship Certification

Whether its an Online Amazon Digital business or traditional bricks & mortar there are incredible number of small businesses can be found almost everywhere. In fact, in a recent report from, “every minute a new business is started in the U.S. and according to some, more than 50% of all workers will be self-employed by 2020.” This certification engages and prepares students who will pursue additional postsecondary training or those who elect to enter the small business sector immediately upon high school graduation. The entrepreneurial concepts validated by this certification ensure that these students are college and career ready. Start on your journey to Entrepreneurship in just 8 to 12 weeks through this HTA certification course.

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