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Artificial Intelligence Certification

The Artificial Intelligence Associate certification which provides a broad understanding into the world of AI careers. This certification validates in-depth knowledge of AI (history, definition, methods and algorithms, applications, careers, etc.), privacy concerns, ethical issues in AI, and responsible development; an understanding of the essentials of AI system design, program design structure, problem identification, and solution implementation; and a working knowledge of application deployment, testing, data management (dataset creation, selection and curation). 

HTA AI Certification will give you all the skills required to get started in AI in just 2 to 3 weeks.

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Course Eligibility

  • No college degree, IT background or prior experience is needed.
  • This bootcamp is open to all with working knowledge of English language.

Why Enroll In AI Certification?

Are you looking to change career paths and break into the tech industry, advance in your current career, or expand your knowledge? If yes, and if you are hard-working with a drive to succeed, then this could be for you.

Other reasons this program might be the right move:

  • Basic knowledge of AI machine learning, deep learning and computer science
  • How to solve problems using AI
  • How to apply reasoning to deal with contingencies while planning
  • How logic is used to build reasoning
  • How to identify compromised information, misinformation and deepfakes.
  • What social aspects of AI impact communities and AI impact on productivity
  • How AI can improve user experience
  • AI system design and other factors affecting the cost of developing ML models
  • Selecting, curating, and creating datasets for cleaning, sampling, storage and other tasks
  • Knowledge of how algorithms used in AI, and how to distinguish deep learning from other learning algorithms.
  • Managing legal, ethical and privacy issues within AI systems design, development and deployment
  • Basic Machine Learning models and how predictions and decisions are made
  • Statistical concepts and foundations, including descriptive statistics, testing concepts and methods

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) groups careers in artificial intelligence with computer and information research scientists and notes the employment of computer and information research scientists is projected to grow 21 percent from 2021 to 2031 [4]. This is much faster than average. With the rise of ChatGPT during the recent AI boom, you may want to consider a job in artificial intelligence. But what jobs are they? How do you land a job in this field? Let us guide you through the jobs you can get in AI, and the skills and education you’ll need to pursue them.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Data scientist
  • AI Entrepreneur
  • AI Investor

AI Certification Outline

  Course Components 
 1Technical Assesment & Digital Literacy Courseware 
 2Hands On Labs: Basic Computer Software & Hardware Installation
(in-person students)
 3 Artificial Intelligence Associate Certification 
 4Virtual Reality (VR) Custom Created Courseware *in partnership with Indiana University 
 5 Life Coach and Mentoring 
 6 Business Communication Skills 

The approximate time required to complete the program is as follows:

  • Full Time mode — 4 weeks
  • Part Time mode — 8 weeks

Artificial Intelligence Certification Fees


$2,500 USD

Payment Options


  • Zelle – $2,500 [$650 discount**]
  • Paypal – $2,500 [$500 discount**]

**Discount received on the tuition for full payment at the time of enrollment.

PAYMENT PLAN  [PayPal / Zelle]:

1. 4 monthly installments of $625 each ($2,500)

2. 10 monthly installments of $250 each ($2,500)

3. You can also pay with PayPal credit



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