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CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+ 1

About the Course:

With the passage of time, data networks have become more and more critical and their significance have grown over the years. Healthcare, financial, and information services which are highly confidential in nature are given a lifeline using data networks. By obtaining a CompTIA Network+ certification, you will be able to configure, troubleshoot and manage systems in order to keep your organization or the organization you work for, productive.

The course has been designed to provide the students with the knowledge as well as key skills needed for maintaining, installing, managing, operation, configuring, and troubleshooting basic network infrastructure, explain basic design principles along with networking technologies, use testing tools, and adhere to wiring standards. If you wish to begin your network career, then this the first step, right here! The certification is recognized by different vendors like Novell, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Cisco within their certification tracks.

If you plan to take and clear the CompTIA Network+ (Exam N10-007) exam, then this course will help you in preparing for it. However, having only a certification is not going to cut it for the competitive job market of today, you need to exhibit exceptional skills as well. This course will help you in developing the right skills set, especially when it comes to security, so that all duties can be performed diligently.

An IT Network Specialist can earn up to $92,000/- on average, per annum.

Course Objective:

Once the course is complete, the candidate will be able to

  • Explain what bounded networking media is
  • Identify major network communication methods along with basic network theory concepts.
  • Explain what unbounded network media is
  • Identify TCP/IP data delivery and addressing methods
  • Analyze switching and routing technologies
  • Identity the major kinds of network deployments
  • Identify TCP/IP deployment components
  • Deploy network security
  • Analyze network security
  • Identify virtualization and cloud computing components
  • Identity WAN deployment components
  • Identify remote network deployment components
  • Troubleshoot network issues
  • Manage networks


The course is intended to be undertaken by computer support professionals who may be either looking for or occupying entry level positions, having a basic knowledge of computer software, hardware, and operating systems. It is also intended to be opted for by those who wish to take the CompTIA® Network+® (Exam N10-005). Additionally, anybody who wants to enhance their understanding and knowledge of networking concepts while gaining the skills needed to excel in network support career or administration career, then this course is a must for them.

The candidate opting for this course must have at least 9 months of computer support experience as a help desk or PC technician. Having prior experience in networking or A+ certification will become a huge advantage, but it is not mandatory for the candidate to have these before enrolling in this course.


In order to be successful and clear the exam associated with this course, you must have basic knowledge and skills of using Windows end-user computer. In order to meet these requirements, you can choose from any one of the courses mentioned below:

  • Windows XP Professional: An Introduction
  • Introduction to Personal Computers: Using Windows XP
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7: Level 1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7: Level 2
  • Introduction to Personal Computers: Using Windows 7
  • Recommended to pass CompTIA A+ certification A

Comprehensive Approach (Exams 220-901 and 220-902), or equivalent knowledge, with 6 – 9 months experience in networking.

CompTIA A+ Certification: A Comprehensive Approach (Exams 220-901 and 220-902)