Video Game Development Certification Course

Module 1:

Introduction to Game Development

Our Game Development pathway uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core programming and Unity coding skills. Game Foundations teaches computational thinking and the fundamentals of game development using JavaScript and the p5.js library. In Game Development 1 and 2, students build their knowledge of C# and Unity by creating multiple full-featured games that combine 3D models, animation, audio files and scripts. Upon course completion, students will have the ability to create a 3D game from scratch on their own as well as pass industry-recognized Unity certification exams Includes:

  • Access to Game Foundations + Development 1 + Development 2
  • Access to our platform (LMS), including lesson plans and quizzes
  • Preparation to achieve Unity User: Programmer, Unity User: Artist, Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
  • Professional portfolio creation for future job interviews
  • Flexible course implementation models
Module 2:

Unity Certified User

Game Development Company
Asian developer using vr glasses on industry
Module 3:

Unity Certified Associate

Module 4:

Unity Certified Professional

Portrait of man playing video games on live stream
Each module will include practical exercises, projects, and assessments to reinforce learning and gauge the students' understanding of the concepts. Additionally, the course will provide guidance and resources for students to prepare for the respective certification exams after completing each module.


Video Game Certification Outline

  Course Components 
1Technical Assesment & Digital Literacy Courseware 
2Introduction to coding with Javascript and C# programming 
3Unity User: Programmer, Unity User: Artist, Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer 
4Certification preparation 
5 Life Coach and Mentoring 
6 Business Communication Skills 

The approximate time required to complete the program is as follows:

  • Full Time mode — 4 weeks
  • Part Time mode — 8 weeks

Video Game Certification


$3,595 USD

Payment Options


  • Zelle – $3,595 [$1,000 discount**]
  • Paypal – $3,595 [$1,000 discount**]

**Discount received on the tuition for full payment at the time of enrollment.

PAYMENT PLAN  [PayPal / Zelle]:

1. 4 monthly installments of $899 each ($3,595)

2. 10 monthly installments of $360 each ($3,595)

3. You can also pay with PayPal credit



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Certification exams are separate from the course and may have additional requirements and fees set by Unity Technologies.